Day 1 – 10.06.2021

Welcome Session
10:00 Welcome
10:15 Speeddating
11:00 Astrid Nieße Towards controlled self-organisation in the field – challenges in the energy domain
12:00 Lunch
Session 1
13:00 Ingo Thomsen  Feature Assessment of Traffic Incidents in Urban Road Network
13:30 Florian Heidecker  Corner Case Detection in the Context of Highly Automated Driving
14:00 Coffee Break
Session 2
14:15 Yujiang He Towards Application and Evaluation of Continual Learning Approaches for Power Forecasts in the Context of Smart Grids
14:45 Chandana Priya Nivarthi  Transfer Learning as an Essential Tool for Digital Twins in Renewable Energy Systems 
15:15 Coffee Break
Session 3
15:30 Zhixin Huang Active Learning in Multivariate Time Series Anomaly Detection
16:00 Tuan Pham  Stream-Based Active Learning in Changing Environments under Verification Latency
16:30 Coffee Break
Session 4
16:45 Stefan Böhm  Adaptable Machining Process Identication based on Expert Knowledge and Articial Intelligence
17:15 Kristina Dingel  Actively Controlling and Redesigning Experiments using the Application Case of Free-Electron Laser Pulse Characterization
Social Event
20:00 Online Wine Tasting 

Day 2 – 11.06.2021

Session 5
10:00 Ferdinand von Tüllenburg  Challenges of Robustness Evaluation of Interdependent Systems
10:30 Mischa Ahrens  Increasing Power Grid Resilience With a Multi-Agent System of Smart Buildings
11:00 Coffee Break
Session 6
11:15 Aleksey Koschowoj  Towards a Semantic Description of Artificial DNA using Ontologies
11:45 Johannes Büttner  Utilizing the Observer/Controller Architecture for a General Game AI
12:15 Coffee Break
Session 7
12:30 Sooraj K Babu  A Multi-Layered User Guidance Framework
13:00 Simon Reichhuber  Evolution of machine learning algorithms in a marketplace-oriented environment
13:30 Closing Session